The Student Government Executive Branch has four standing committees focused on executing the programs, services,and operations of the Student Government Association. Each committee is comprised of At-Large committee members and is Chaired by the corresponding Director within the Executive Branch. Every week, each chair gives an update on the current events within the committee as they are pertinent during the Executive Branch meeting.

Executive Branch Standing Committees

Communications and Marketing

Focuses on public relations manages all external communications for SGA. This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining a consistent digital presence on social media, generating new campaigns and ideas to garner interest in and knowledge of SGA, creates flyers and advertisements (both physical and digital), and updates the website. This committee will also document, with the historian, SGA events throughout the year with pictures.

Chair: Riya Mahajan,


Events and Outreach

This committee is tasked with planning annual events and student outreach, focused on fulling SGA’s mission. The committee is responsible for gathering student opinions and communicating what SGA is doing to represent its constituents. Committee members will be serving as SGA’s “street team” or SGA ambassadors. Some ways of engaging with the student community could be tabling, going to student organization meetings, creating surveys, etc. Committee will run “campus” halls and gauge student voices and discuss student issues.

Chair: Director of Events, Vacant


Governmental Affairs

Tasked with civic engagement, including, but not limited to voter registration, partnerships with SGA and the town of Blacksburg, and assisting the Director of Governmental Affairs execute their responsibilities. Committee will also establish a closer relationship with the town of Blacksburg through a Town Council – Undergraduate Student Liaison.

Chair: Director of Governmental Affairs, Vacant


Hokie Effect

The role of this committee is to assist the Director and Assistant Director(s) of Hokie Effect with many aspects of the program. Committee members will contribute to the program’s marketing/promotions, finances, and event planning. Tasks of members will include, but not limited to, advertising on social media, aiding in the organization the program’s budget, and assisting with the coordination of Hokie Effect events, such as a t-shirt reveal event or sales competition. The committee will become familiar with the program’s relationships with Virginia Tech Athletics, University Bookstore, and the t-shirt vendor.

Chair: Blake Smith,