Virginia Tech is experiencing only the beginning of several significant changes in the layout and traffic flow of campus. Since 2010, the Virginia Tech Parking and Transportation Master Plan (PTMP) has been well under way, parallel to the campus master plan map created by the Office of University Planning. The PTMP “includes the construction of the Route 460 Interchange, the Multi-Modal Transit Facility (MMTF), Drillfield improvements, as well as the North Precinct build-out.” Of its most important constructions is the MMTF, a sub-project underneath the mass campus plan.

The MMFT planning began in 2010, and recent data shows the traffic flow of pedestrians and bikers on campus. As it turns out, the most walked and biked part of VT is Stanger St. (between Perry St. and Alumni Mall). This is also where many students are picked up by the largest bus-lines and where the more populated academic buildings are located. To alleviate the congestion in this part of campus, the MMTF will serve as a hub for buses, cars, and even electronic vehicles. The PTMP has taken place in five stages, and its last one is finally in sight. Stage five consists of the major presentation of logistics and detailed construction planning, and it will take place this coming April.

As for the Office of University Planning, their website contains large amounts of information regarding VT’s campus as a whole. As it turns out, the PTMP is just a fraction of its trajectory of the campus layout. Ultimately, the campus will evolve so that the Duck Pond is the new Drillfield which will be  surrounded by three rings of campus zones: Residential, Life Sciences, and Academic. Despite the abbreviations and acronyms, Students and faculty today are getting to see a glimpse of Virginia Tech’s future with the Corps and academic building construction. Within just a year, a major project will be under way to alter not only the looks of campus, but its flow and accessibility as well

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